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What is NBA and what are the games?

NBA Live is a serie of basketball games made by EA Sports. They have released it for all the major consoles and PC’s. They are focussing on mobile apps to with the release of NBA Live mobile.


EA makes the games for:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 260
  • Windows PC
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Other mobile platforms

These games are the most popular by far in the last years. They probably will remain the most popular in the next years to come.

What are NBA MT?

NBA MT are MyTeam points. You can use them for a lot of things in the NBA2K games. You can, for example, buy packs and better things for you team.

You can buy NBA2K MT, but you can also earn MT in the game.

What are NBA coins?

NBA coins are the main currency in the games. You can buy players, packs, pay entrance fees and a lot more. These are the most popular currency to buy online. Beware: Buy only at reliable sellers to make sure you get what you pay for.

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Cheap NBA Coins

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