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Shots outside the arc are worth 3 points, inside the arc are worth 2, dirty shots are worth 1 point;
Excessive physical contact with an opponent can lead to a foul;
Your team has 24 seconds to take a shot as soon as the ball is taken over;
If you pass the center line, you cannot take the ball over it;
You must keep the ball within the outside lines of the field;
Game consists of four quarters of the game

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Create your own style

Once you have the basics and an idea of ​​how you want to play, you can proceed to MyCareer. Although many people often go for this, the technicians in MyCareer get the difficulty if you really want to move forward in your career. This is because you are assessed for specific aspects of the game that are relevant to your position. For example, if you do not make the right pass during a game or fail to make a shot, you will be exponentially disadvantaged.
You can also adjust your character to your own style and have fun experimenting about how they affect your overall game and techniques.
Much more to experience

These are not the only modes and playing styles that you can try out. These are simply the best to use when starting. Try everything and everything if you really want to dive into the game. The most important aspect is to have a lot of fun and enjoy while playing basketball.

NBA 2K19 Game modes

If you have never played an NBA 2K game, you will get a treat. NBA 2K19 builds on the previous versions, creating a complete overview of game types, pleasant fights and challenging rewards.
Each of these game types can give you good rewards, but also a strong challenge, but everyone is satisfied in their own way. As such, here are the breakdowns for each game mode and what they can give you.

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